Welcome to My Tempo    Music Therapy

My Tempo Music Therapy, LLC provides music therapy, early childhood music, and adapted lessons for individuals in the Great Lakes Bay region.

Respect for individuality, and assisting clients to reach their potential in their own time, or tempo, through shared musical experiences.


My name is Cindy Humphreys. I'm a Board Certified Music Therapist with thirty years of experience. I look forward to working with you!

Feel free to contact me with any questions at

mytempomt@gmail.com or call 989-274-9021.

Cindy is AWESOME!! She's very child oriented, works great with children 6 months through the age 6.She teaches children that music is about sound not noise. The children were always so excited to participate! So glad we had the opportunity to experience My Tempo Music Therapy!

Michelle Histed, Director
Child Enrichment Center